Since her first one-woman show in 2003, Jane Sun has been active in the art world and known for her softly rendered and serene paintings. A member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, Santa Barbara Visual Arts and SCAPE (Southern California Artists Painting the Environment), she is an award winning artist and has exhibited at the Corridan Gallery, Gallery 113, Palm Loft Gallery and Divine Inspiration Gallery. She was one of the featured artists in the celebrated annual ArtWalk at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum in 2007. She will soon be featured at the Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery in Washington D.C. in September 2008.

For Jane, the combination of expressing beauty through painting and helping preserve the threatened wilderness is a fulfilling mission. She hopes that through her paintings, she can share the serenity and awe in nature that she treasures.


Jane loves to capture the magic of light and the poetry of the scene in her paintings. Inspired by the French and American Impressionists and the local Oak Group artists, her mentors and teachers include Marcia Burtt, Rick Schloss, Glenna Hartmann, Thomas Van Stein, Michael Drury, Chris Chapman, Ted Goerschner, and Larry Moore (in Italy).

"As good literature reveals visually to the readers through the author’s vivid description, I would like my paintings to convey the feel of warm sun, cool breeze, the smell of wild sage, or the sound of a laughing creek within the pleasure of the sight.  My ultimate goal is to capture the timelessness - as William Blake said: 'Eternity in an hour'"


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